Dua Lipa’s Weight, Height, Physique, Tattoos, Net Worth & More

The disco revival queen has been hitting all the right notes since the age of five.

With Kylie Minogue calling her a shining star and half the world grooving on Levitating, Dua Lipa is certainly the revolution with her impressive mezzo-soprano vocals!

The Grammy-winning pop goddess is also a walking dream for luxury brands like Versace! But despite the madness over her ravishing looks, Dua uses her power to support causes like LGBTQ+ and mental health, exhibiting that a true queen leads by example!


  • Dua Lipa boasts a striking height of 5 ft 8 in or 1.73 m and has millions dazzled by her toned figure that weighs 128 pounds (58 kg). 
  • Lipa’s fans can never get enough of her enchanting visuals, dreamy brown eyes, long and luscious brown hair, and skin glowing with several tiny tattoos. 
  • Dua’s impact is such that she was included in Time’s 100 Next List and had two wax figures unveiled at Madame Tussauds London and Amsterdam. 
  • She is the proud recipient of a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album for Future Nostalgia. 

Personal Information of Dua Lipa

  • Full Name: Dua Lipa
  • Nickname: Dua, Dula Peep
  • Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Model 
  • Birth Date: 22 August 1995
  • Birthplace: West Hampstead, London, England, UK
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Religion: Muslim 
  • Father: Dukagjin Lipa
  • Mother: Anesa (née Rexha) Lipa
  • Siblings: Rina Lipa (Sister); Gjin Lipa (Brother)

How Tall is Dua Lipa?

Dua Lipa stands tall at 5 ft 8 in or 1.73 m, which is probably why the 28-year-old singer and performer isn’t afraid to try different cuts and looks, which includes a bikini top and sequined skirt in the music video of Potion!

Singer Dua Lipa
Image: Starfrenzy/bigstockphoto.com

How Much Does Dua Lipa Weigh?

Levitating singer Dua Lipa has a magnetic presence thanks to her slender yet athletic frame that weighs close to 128 pounds (58 kg). Dua is a fan of handstands and encourages her fans to join free workouts to lead a healthy life. An idol indeed!

Dua Lipa’s Body Measurements and Exquisite Bosom

The internationally acclaimed singer, Dua, has taken the industry by storm not only because of her powerful vocals but also her stunning figure with estimated body measurements of 89-66-89 cm or 35-26-35 in. 

With a possible bra size of 34B and cup size B, Dua has emerged as a fashion icon and trendsetter inspiring her admirers to embrace their own unique style. She recently walked on the Met Gala red carpet in a body-hugging Chanel gown and SLAYED!

Dua Lipa at Billboard's Annual Women
Image: Debby Wong/bigstockphoto.com

Dua Lipa’s Dress Size and Shoe Size

Lipa has been rated as one of the best-dressed celebrities several times, wearing luxury brands like Versace and Vera Wang on the red carpets, and thanks to her stunning dress size of US (6) or 10 (UK), she rocks as a runway model. 

The vibrant and vivacious Dua Lipa is also a big fan of shoes and loves to slip into Jordans, knee-high boots, and stiletto-style heels. She has a shoe size of 7.5 (US) or 5.5 (UK).

Dua Lipa’s Eyes, Hair, and Physical Features

The No Lie hitmaker has one of the most symmetrical faces in the American pop industry. No wonder most beauty brands are after the square-shaped-face beauty for collaboration and promotion!

The Albanian stunner has mesmerizing brown eyes that add an extra layer of enchantment to her visuals. Lipa also loves to experiment with her eye makeup and often shows up in bold eye shadows and liners. 

Dua is a natural brunette but effortlessly experiments with her luscious locks, which adds more glamor to her appearance. From sleek to wavy to curls, she looks flawless in all hairstyles. 

  • Height: 5 ft 8 in or 1.73 m
  • Weight: 128 pounds (58 kg)
  • Body Measurements: 89-66-89 cm or 35-26-35 in
  • Body Type: Athletic 
  • Breast Size: 35 in
  • Bra Size: 34B
  • Cup Size: B
  • Dress Size: 6 (US) or 38 (EU) or 10 (UK)
  • Shoe Size: 7.5 (US) or 38.5 (EU) or 5.5 (UK)
  • Eyes Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Natural Brunette
  • Face Shape: Square

Does Dua Lipa have Tattoos?

Dua Lipa is a walking art with several tiny and discreet tattoos scattered all over her skin. So, let’s find out all her tattoos and the meaning behind them.

  • Rose on her right inner bicep. 
  • 245 on the back of her left arm representing the number of shows of her first tour.
  • Future Nostalgia, the name of her album, inked on her left arm.
  • Barbed-wire heart tattoo on left forearm.
  • ANGEL tattooed on her right shoulder. 
  • Eight-pointed starburst tattoo. 
  • Mum+Dad on the back of her right elbow. 
  • The word Patience written on her left hand. 
  • R and G, the initials of her siblings, on her inner left wrist. 
  • This Means Nothing on her left arm. 
  • Dancing People on both of her thumbs.
  • Palm Tree on the back of her left arm. 
  • Smiley Face on her right pinky finger. 
  • Sunny Hill inked on right arm as a tribute to her home in Kosovo. 
  • A flame tattoo on her left finger knuckle. 
  • The word ‘Love’ in Arabic on her right forearm. 
  • 7 on her left bicep.
  • Symbol حب on her right wrist, which translates to Love in Arabic.
  • Eye to ward off evil energy above her left ankle. 

Dua Lipa’s Interests and Hobbies

As an artist, Dua has several interests and hobbies that she loves indulging in from time to time to stay energetic. Let’s have a look at what she likes to do beyond music.

  • Hobbies: Workout, Reading, Taking a selfie, Swimming 
  • Interests: Traveling, Modeling, Fitness, Animals, Literature, Food

Dua Lipa’s Impressive Career in Highlights

  • Dua’s journey towards pop music started as a teenager. She used to upload her songs on Soundcloud and covered other artists’ solos on her Youtube channel, which currently has over 21 million subscribers. 
  • She was also a model, and interestingly, her agency got Lipa her first singing job in an advertisement for The X Factor in 2013.
  • She released her debut single ‘New Love’ in 2015, followed by ‘Hotter than Hell’ and ‘Blow Your Mind (Mwah), which helped her climb the popularity chart. 
  • Dua released her self-titled debut album in 2017, which reached the top ten charts in several countries. The numbers ‘New Rules’ and ‘IDGAF’ put her on the map to international fame. 
  • The first single of her second album Future Nostalgia, ‘Don’t Start Now,’ also peaked at number 2 on Billboard Hot 100. Her other single, ‘Levitating,’ became a ground-breaking hit around the world, topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart at 2nd. 
  • Lipa’s other hits include Physical, One Kiss, Break My Heart, Love Again, Sweetest Pie, and Potion. She has also collaborated with industry biggies, like Megan Thee Stallion, Calvin Harris, Elton John, Madonna, and others! 
  • In a short span, Lipa has received top music honors, including a Grammy and several American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and Brit Awards. And she’ll soon be debuting on the big screen in the much-awaited film Barbie. 
  • Dua is also the recipient of two Guinness World Records; for most monthly listeners on Spotify as a female artist in 2021 and the most tickets sold for a live-streamed concert by a solo female artist in 2020. 
Dua Lipa at American Music Awards
Image: Starfrenzy/bigstockphoto.com

What is Dua Lipa’s Net Worth?

Dua Lipa has made a unique name for herself in the music and fashion industry. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the stunning singer is a treasure with a whopping net worth of $35 million in 2023! Such magnetism!

Dua Lipa’s Other Business Ventures

The gorgeous Dua Lipa started as a singer and songwriter, but today she is also a businesswoman who collaborates with several brand campaigns, including Adidas, MAC, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, and Puma.

A philanthropist at heart, Lipa has started several ventures, including a book club, Sunny Hill Foundation, with her father to help people in Kosovo with financial struggles, raising money through Sunnyhill Music Festival.

How old is Dua Lipa?

The One Kiss singer is 28 years old as she was born in 1995, on 22nd August. 

What is Dua Lipa’s real name?

Dua Lipa is the singer’s real name. ‘Dua’ means love in Albanian.

Where is Dua Lipa from? 

Dua Lipa was born in London, but her parents are from Kosovo. 

Is Dua Lipa married? 

Dua Lipa has dated previously, but she is not married as of now.

Does Dua Lipa have a sister? 

She has a younger sister named Rina, whom she loves to the core.

When did Dua Lipa start signing?

Dua Lipa started singing at just five and writing her own songs during her teens. 

What language does Dua Lipa speak?

Dua’s native language is Albanian, but she is fluent in English. 

How many Grammys does Dua Lipa have?   

Dua Lipa has won a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album (Future Nostalgia) and earned several nominations. 

With her musical prowess and undeniable charisma, no wonder Dua Lipa has risen as one of the most influential artists around the world. The musical goddess is often compared to another pop sensation, Ariana Grande, who shares a similar vocal range with Lipa.