Doja Cat’s Weight, Height, Physique, Hobbies, Net Worth & More

Doja Cat is a powerhouse that lights up the music industry!

From electrifying hits and dynamic performances to making waves with statement-making outfits and avant-garde make-up, Doja Cat is the ultimate cultural reset of this generation!

Clearly, the success of this Grammy winner rapper and singer has gone far beyond music, and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon! So, let’s take a closer look at Doja Cat’s life, career, beauty, net worth, and more.


  • Doja Cat stands at 5 ft 3 in or 1.6 m and weighs 121 pounds (55 kg), looking breathtaking every time she steps in front of the camera. 
  • She has mesmerizing dark brown eyes with long lashes and natural brunette locks that she loves to experiment with different colors. 
  • Doja was fascinated with internet culture and learned to create music by downloading music from YouTube.
  • Doja earned 16 Grammy nominations since her debut, finally winning her first and only Grammy in 2022. 

Personal Information of Doja Cat

  • Full Name: Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini
  • Nickname: Doja Cat, Doja 
  • Profession: Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer 
  • Birth Date: 21 October 1995 
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA 
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra 
  • Religion: Hinduism, Judaism
  • Father: Dumisani Dlamini
  • Mother: Deborah Sawyer
  • Siblings: Raman

How Tall is Doja Cat?

Doja Cat is 5 ft 3 in or 1.6 m tall, but her petite frame doesn’t diminish her huge impact on the world of music. Her larger-than-life personality in music videos Woman is proof that big things come in small packages.

How Much Does Doja Cat Weigh?

The D in Doja Cat is for discipline and dedication, which shows in her perfect body proportions and heavenly curves. Having maintained a perfect weight of 121 pounds (55 kg), Doja Cat has inspired millions of fans to follow her treadmill struts and yoga practices. 

Doja Cat’s Body Measurements and Impressive Bosom

Doja Cat is at the top of her game, all thanks to her bold style, fierce demeanor, and stunning body measurements of 84-64-94 cm or 34-25-37 in. Doja really is a fan favorite!

It’s worth mentioning that her alluring assets of size 34 inches and a possible bra size of 34B and cup size B really accentuate her striking presence. Remember her red carpet appearance at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards when she adorned Schiaparelli’s black gown with the pasties? Unforgettable! 

Doja Cat’s Dress Size and Shoe Size

Whether she is walking the walk in a corset-style Versace gown and sparkling necklace at the Grammys or being iconic in her hit music videos, Doja always slays in dress size 6 (US) or 10 (UK).

Her iconic looks aren’t just about pulling off precarious dresses but making style statements with unique heels and a chic variety of them. Doja’s shoe size is around 7 (US) or 4 (UK). 

Doja Cat’s Eyes, Hair, and Physical Features

When it comes to exhibiting interesting looks, Doja Cat takes the cake, and her gorgeous face with a mix of a heart and a triangle shape serves as the perfect canvas. 

Besides, her dark brown eyes are so mesmerizing that they hypnotize, just as they did in Doja’s latest appearance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. She highlighted the pair with a heavy smokey look garnering the attention of every single person present at the event.

She is a natural brunette but hasn’t stuck to permanent hair color or style since her debut. She loves to go blonde, rose gold, and black and recently appeared in long blonde hair. The woman is a mystery!

  • Height: 5 ft 3 in or 1.6 m 
  • Weight: 121 pounds (55 kg)
  • Figure: Slim 
  • Body Measurements: 84-64-94 cm or 34-25-37 in
  • Breast Size: 34 inches
  • Bra Size: 34B
  • Cup Size: B
  • Dress Size: 6 (US) or 36 (EU) or 10 (UK)
  • Shoe Size: 7 (US) or 37 (EU) or 4 (UK)
  • Eyes Color: Dark Brown 
  • Hair Color: Natural Brunette 
  • Face Shape: Mix of Heart and Triangle

Does Doja Cat have Tattoos?

It seems that Doja is a fan of fine-line tattoos because she got three of them already since the beginning of 2023. Here’s all that you need to know about her inks.

  • A small spider on her left wrist 
  • A devil cat on the inner side of her left upper arm 
  • A human devil on the upper side of her left arm 

Doja Cat’s Hobbies and Interests

Doja Cat is one of the top rappers in the world, and yet she finds time to indulge in her hobbies and interests. She has learned several dance forms, including Bharatnatyam and break dance, likes working out, and, of course, loves fashion!

  • Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Rapping
  • Interests: Fashion, Make-up, Modeling 

Doja Cat’s Career Summary

  • Teenage Doja dropped out of school to focus entirely on music. She started by downloading beats from YouTube and creating music from it. In the process, she learned the tricks and hows of the internet culture and started releasing her songs on SoundCloud. 
  • A record producer stumbled on her account and connected her with several artists and scouts, which led her to eventually sign a record deal at the age of 17 and release her first EP, Purrr! 
  • While her first studio album Amala failed to make waves, it was her self-published song Moo! that went viral on social media, eventually released on digital platforms. 
  • A remix version of her song Juicy from Amala went platinum giving way to more hits like Say So, Like That, Need to Know, and Woman.
  • In a span of 10 years, she has released several albums, including Hot Pink and Planet Her, collaborated with top industry artists, and amassed millions of subscribers on YouTube. She would soon be releasing her next studio album titled Hellmouth.
  • Today, she is one of the most popular singers, rappers, and social media stars in the world, winning numerous accolades, including 16 Grammy nominations and one win and several MTV Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and American Music Awards. 

What is Doja Cat’s Net Worth?

Doja has been described as a skilled rapper with a great understanding of technicalities, melodic sense, and powerful visuals.

Doja Cat has spent countless nights working on her music, and it is only fair that her estimated net worth is $8 million in 2023, which not just makes her wealthy but one of the richest rappers and performers in the industry!

Doja Cat’s Other Business Ventures

Doja hasn’t announced any specific ventures but she has signed endorsement deals with top brands and businesses, including Pepsi and Pretty Little Thing.

So, she may not have stepped into entrepreneurial challenges yet, but it is possible for her to explore the same in the future.

How old is Doja Cat?

Doja Cat is 28 years old and yet is one of the most successful American singers and rappers of all time.

What is Doja Cat’s real name?

Doja was born as Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini. She chose her stage name Doja Cat after her cat and a strain of marijuana.

Where is Doja Cat from?

She was born in the Tarzana area of Los Angeles, California, USA.

What is Doja Cat’s ethnicity?

Doja is a mix of South African and Jewish American ethnicity.

Is Doja Cat single?

As of 2023, Doja Cat is single, but she has previously dated American musician, Jawny.

How many Grammys does Doja Cat have?

Doja Cat won one Grammy award for Kiss Me More in 2022, but she has been nominated 16 times.

Doja Cat’s beauty, style, and success are a reflection of her uniqueness, individuality, and unapologetic personality, and we cannot wait for her comeback album! Well, the same is the case with the stunning American singer Ariana Grande.