Does Cardi B speak Spanish Or Not?

Is Cardi B Bilingual?

Cardi B is an American rapper and singer. She has toured across the world for her work and is best known for rapping in songs, including Girls Like You and Spanish remixes of popular songs.

Cardi B can speak Spanish and is very fluent in it as well. She is a bilingual artist with Spanish being her first language, who can rap fast in English, which is her second language.

Cardi B’s Spanish Speaking Origins

While Cardi was born and raised in New York, her parents are immigrants. Her mother is of Trinidadian descent, and her father is from the Dominican, which gives her a rich heritage in Latin America.

Cardi B has revealed that Spanish is her first language and even told GQ that she is a little insecure about her English. She said that “I don’t have the best English in the world, so sometimes I got to ask somebody (if what she’s saying makes sense)”.

At the same time, she has also spoken in Spanish in several interviews to ease up and talk fluently. Cardi once did an entire radio interview in Spanish with El Vacilón de la Mañana.

Cardi is Bilingual

At the same time, she can speak English very well. As a result, Cardi does most of her performances and public appearances in English while sometimes adding Spanish for Latin fans.

She has done Remixes in Spanish

While Cardi’s fame came through her English songs such as Bodak Yellow, she has also performed well in Spanish. Cardi did her first official Latin song with a remix of Ahora Dice. She has also done a Spanish remix of her song Bodak Yellow.

She has shown time and again that she can produce some great verses in Spanish, sometimes even better than she does in English. In addition, her guest rapper, Messiah, also performs raps in Spanish and can perform well with Cardi.

She Has Made Her Own Spanish Music Too

Ever since Cardi B joined the Latin Music scene, she has been creating fire in each song. In 2018, she released her song I Like It, a Latin trap song with Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

The rapper also did a guest rap verse for the hit song Taki Taki by DJ Snake and Selena Gomez. While Cardi rapped in English in this song, her refrain was in Spanish, which added a nice bilingual touch.

Cardi B Has Even Won Spanish Awards

Cardi B doesn’t just produce mega hits in Spanish but also creates award-winning numbers. I Like It won the Billboard’s Best Remix in Latin and Song of the Year by El Premio ASCAP.

Taki won the award for Song of the Year at the 2019 Latin American Music Awards and the Best Crossover Collaboration of the Year from the Lo Nuestro Award.

Cardi herself has won the award for Star of the Year by People en Español Magazine. It just goes further to prove how much the Latin community loves Cardi B.