Anne Hathaway’s Height, Weight, Physique, Hobbies, Net Worth & More

The Hollywood diva has the heart and face of a princess but takes nothing for granted!

Anne Hathaway was a little girl when she saw her mother perform on stage, and she instantly knew that acting was her north star. A decade later, she became the nation’s princess after debuting in the smashing hit The Princess Diaries.

The Academy Award winner is also a fearless activist supporting the rights of women and children around the world. But, at the end of the day, Anne is a doting wife and mother who wishes to see her kingdom flourish!


  • Anne Hathaway is a complete package with a height of 5 ft 8 in or 1.73 m and a chiseled figure that weighs 121 pounds (55 kg). 
  • With sparkling brown eyes and brunette hair with bangs, Anne is deservingly one of the most breathtaking women in the world. 
  • A lover of art and literature, she was named after Shakespeare’s wife, Anne.
  • Anne achieved stardom with her debut film, The Princess Diaries, and currently has more than 100 nominations with 40 wins, including Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and People’s Choice Awards. 

Personal Information of Anne Hathaway

  • Full Name: Anne Jacqueline Hathaway 
  • Nickname: Anne, Annie
  • Profession: Actress, Activist 
  • Birth Date: 12 November 1982 
  • Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA 
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpion 
  • Religion: Roman Catholic 
  • Father: Gerald T. Hathaway 
  • Mother: Kate McCauley Hathaway 
  • Siblings: Michael Hathaway (Brother); Tom Hathaway (Brother)
  • Spouse: Adam Shulman (2012-present)
  • Children: Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman (Son); Jack Shulman (Son)

How Tall is Anne Hathaway?

Anne Hathaway stands gorgeous at 5 ft 8 in or 1.73 m, which helped her attract quality roles in a career spanning two decades, including Catwoman in Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, Hathaway’s most commercially successful film to date!

Anne Hathaway at Critics' Choice Movie Awards
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How Much Does Anne Hathaway Weigh?

At 41, Anne Hathaway continues to steal hearts with her model-like figure with an approximate weight of 121 pounds (55 kg). She still has a Barbie-doll appearance, and even though she is naturally beautiful, Anne takes good care of herself on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

Actress Anne Hathaway
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Anne Hathaway’s Body Measurements and Gorgeous Bosom

Our very own Ella of Frell Anne Hathaway really has the visuals and figure of a princess with estimated body measurements of 86-64-89 cm or 34-25-35 in. No wonder she became the unofficial queen of Hollywood’s fairytale era in the 90s.

Her svelte physique dazzles also because of her natural yet alluring bosom with possible bra size 34B and cup size B. Anne’s recent appearance at the Met Gala in a white Versace gown and beehive hairdo brought the house down with everyone admiring the queen. 

Anne Hathaway’s Dress Size and Shoe Size

Agent 99 in Get Smart, sweet and meek Emma in Bride Wars, and morally ambiguous Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises have one thing in common; a dazzling figure with a dress size 6 (US) or 10 (UK) that looks breathtaking in all fits!

Anne loves fashion, and it shows in the kind of dresses and shoes she chooses before attending movie premieres or award shows. Her shoe size is 8.5 (US) or 6.5 (UK), which allows her to easily find her fit in heels, stilettos, or boots!

Anne Jacqueline Hathaway
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Anne Hathaway’s Eyes, Hair, and Physical Features

If there is one word to describe Anne’s oval-shaped face, it’s noteworthy, and that’s the humblest we can get because the woman was born as a Greek goddess! 

She has lovely doe-like eyes in a shade of brown which give an impression that Anne is always smiling! Her eyes sparkle beautifully in the sunlight, even with minimal make-up. 

Additionally, her rich and long brunette hair can pull off any hairstyle easily. She currently carries dark brown hair with long bangs and looks like a dream walking through reality. 

  • Height: 5 ft 8 in or 1.73 m
  • Weight: 121 pounds (55 kg)
  • Body Measurements: 86-64-89 cm or 34-25-35 in
  • Body Type: Slim 
  • Breast Size: 34 in
  • Bra Size: 34B
  • Cup Size: B
  • Dress Size: 6 (US) or 38 (EU) or 10 (UK)
  • Shoe Size: 8.5 (US) or 40.5 (EU) or 6.5 (UK)
  • Eyes Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Face Shape: Oval 

Does Anne Hathaway Have Tattoos?

The wonderful Anne Hathaway loves art, but it seems that she is a fan of minimal tattoos that hold personal meanings to her.

Hathaway has The letter M inked on her left wrist, but she hasn’t revealed the meaning behind it. Her husband also has a similar tattoo.

Anne Hathaway’s Interests and Hobbies

Anne is as passionate about her work today as she was at the age of six, but she knows the value of indulging in interests and hobbies other than acting. Yes, she has many hobbies and interests that we will find out today.

  • Hobbies: Reading, Traveling, Taking Selfies 
  • Interests: Art, Fashion, Pets, Literature

Anne Hathaway Career Highlights

  • Anne’s first interaction with acting was when she saw her actress mom performing as Fantine in the stage production of Les Misérables. And she was fascinated with this beautiful art even when her parents tried convincing her to pick another career. 
  • After young Anne decided to pursue an acting career, she started appearing in high school plays before appearing in a minor role in a short-lived TV series, Get Real. 
  • She made her big debut as Princess Mia in the smashing hit comedy The Princess Diaries in 2001. She would later reprise her role in the film’s sequel, The Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement. 
  • Anne was stereotyped as a children’s role model as she starred in family films like Ella Enchanted. But she later transitioned into mature roles in flicks like Brokeback Mountain, The Devil Wears Prada, The Dark Knight Rises, Interstellar, The Hustle, and The Witches. 
  • Her path-breaking performance as Fantine in Les Misérable earned her several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and a Golden Globe. 
  • She also appeared in a handful of TV series like Lip Sync Battle, Modern Love, and Solos. She also lent her voice in hit films and TV shows, including The Cat Returns, Rio, The Simpsons, and Family Guy. 
  • Some of her other successful films include The Intern, Ocean’s 8, She Came to Me, and Elleen, and she will soon be seen in Mother’s Instinct and The Idea of You. 
Anne Hathaway at Annual Academy Awards
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What is Anne Hathaway’s Net Worth?

The Valentine’s Day actress, Anne Hathaway, is blessed with an estimated net worth of $80 million in 2023, all thanks to her successful acting career in Hollywood! A woman of many talents, Anne has always followed her heart and led to a better place in life. 

Anne Hathaway at the Interstellar Premiere
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Anne Hathaway’s Other Business Ventures

Hathaway has been associated with luxury brands like Bulgari, Versace, and Valentino for a long time. She is also an activist and has raised issues against child marriage, Asian hate, women’s and children’s rights, and human rights.

She is also one of the board members of the Lollipop Theatre Network and contributes to charities all the time. She also served as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and helped set up Time’s Up Initiative to stand against women’s harassment.

How old is Anne Hathaway?

Anne Hathaway was born on November 12, 1982, which makes her 41 years old. 

Where is Anne Hathaway from?  

Anne is an American and was born in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA. 

Where does Anne Hathaway live?

Anne Hathaway lives in Manhattan with her family. 

Is Anne Hathaway married?

Hathaway married businessman and actor Adam Shulman in 2012, and the couple has two sons.

How old was Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries? 

Anne Hathaway was only 19 when The Princess Diaries, her debut film, was released in 2001.

Can Anne Hathaway sing? 

Anne is also a singer and has lent her vocals to songs like Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Somebody to Love, I Dreamed a Dream, What is Love, and more. 

What was Anne Hathaway’s first movie?  

Anne’s first movie was The Princess Diaries, which grossed $165 million worldwide, and was a massive hit!

Who is Anne Hathaway’s mother?

Anne Hathaway’s mother, Kate McCauley Hathaway, was an actress, and it was when Anne saw her mother performing on stage that she became fascinated with acting. 

Anne Hathaway is bright, sparkling, and so full of life that others feel better just by glancing at her, and we feel she’d be great friends with American actress and singer Kristen Bell.