What happened to Keanu Reeves’ daughter?

The Truth About Keanu Reeves’ Past!

Keanu Reeves is one of Hollywood’s most loved actors of today. He mostly plays action heroes on screen that saves the world but is best known for his kindhearted nature and love for his fans.

Keanu Reeves had a daughter named Ava Archer with his then-girlfriend Jennifer Syme. Unfortunately, Ava was stillborn which caused extreme grief for the couple and brought further tragedy.

A History of Keanu’s and Jennifer’s Relationship

Keanu Reeves first met Jennifer Syme when she worked as a personal assistant for movie directors. At the time, Syme was working for David Lynch and also at a Record Label. They met at a promotional party for Keanu’s band Dogstar and had started dating a short while later in 1998.

During previous interviews, Reeves had already talked about his desire to start a family and settle down when he finds the right person. Jennifer Syme became the right person for Reeves and in 1999, she was pregnant. They decided to name the daughter Ava Archer-Reeves since the name meant bird-like.

Unfortunately, on the 24th of December, 1999; Ava died in the womb and was stillborn. This was a period of extreme grief for the couple and they were not able to recover from the loss of their daughter and broke up.

Jennifer and Keanu stayed in touch after breaking up and were friends for a long time. However, Jennifer was still going through trauma and required antidepressants in order to continue with her daily life.

Keanu and Jennifer met at a restaurant on April 1, 2001, for lunch. The day after, Syme was driving and lost control of her car and crashed. She died on the spot and this tragedy brought even more grief for Keanu who had to live with the pain.

Backstory on the Breathtaking Actor

Keanu Reeves was born in Beirut, Lebanon on September 2, 1964. His first name means cool breeze over the mountains in Hawaiian.

While Keanu was still only 3, his parents divorced and he moved to live with his mother and sister in New York before moving to Toronto.

Reeves lost his best friend to a drug overdose. He also went through the pain of watching his sister suffer through Leukemia before she recovered from it. This was a tragedy after which he donated most of his earnings from the Matrix films to hospitals that treat Leukemia.

Throughout his life, Reeves has gone through a lot, and it has helped him appreciate the importance of making the best of his life. He once told the Parade that grief may change shape but it never ends. He added by saying that when people you love are gone, you’re alone.

He tried to move past all of this and start a new and happy life with his girlfriend Jennifer. They met at a party which was organized in the honor of Reeves’ band Dog Star. They had an instant connection and fell in love, however did so while keeping it a secret for a long time from fans and media.

While all this pain sounds like it’s too much for one man to bear alone, Keanu hasn’t broken under its pressure. He did admit that the grief won’t ever go away from his life, but he learned to live with it.

While recalling the incidents that impacted his life, he does wish that his loved ones would have been alive. He said that he misses being a part of their lives and them to be a part of his. He often wonders what his present would look like if they were still there. However, he does appreciate life and knows that he needs to keep on living.