Is Logic faster than Eminem Or Not?

Can Logic Be the New Rap God?

Logic, or Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, is a famous rapper, songwriter, record producer, and streamer. He is best known for his rap career that started with his mixtape Young, Broke, & Infamous.

With the growth in Logic’s popularity, fans have begun to question whether he can rap faster than Eminem. The truth of the matter is that Logic and Eminem are at a current tie in their rapping speeds.

A Brief Look into Logic’s Career

Logic began his career with the mixtape Young, Broke, & Infamous, but the mixtape that bought him true fame was Young Sinatra. After that, he made a series of the mixtape, and the third iteration even helped him get a contract with Def Jam Records.

The logic was able to get a reputation rather quickly in the rap and hip-hop industry, with his career’s initial two studio albums that reached the top 5 on the US charts. His first album, Under Pressure, was certified platinum.

He started to hit the mainstream space with his album Everybody and its single 1-800-273-8255. The album reached the number 1 spot, and the single was at number 3 on the US Billboard’s Hot 100 while simultaneously achieving a top 10 rank in international charts.

Logic has collaborated with various other artists in the rap industry, the most prominent ones being his collaborations with Bobby Tarantino, and most recently, with Eminem.

The Story Behind the Epic Collaboration Between These Rap Legends

Logic has always given credit to artists who fueled his fire for achieving success in the rap industry. His mixtape, Young Sinatra IV, depicts this as a tribute to all the artists who have inspired him and the fans who helped him achieve his dream.

At the same time, Logic isn’t the one to hold back. In Logic’s new album ‘Everybody,’ he doesn’t just spread messages about racial equality, mental health, and other social issues but also shares his vision for the industry’s future.

In one of the tracks titled ‘100 miles and Running,’ a tribute to Eminem’s 100 Miles, Logic breaks Eminem’s record from Rap God. In the song, he raps at 69 words per 9 seconds or 7.6 words per second.

After this track, Logic became the new fastest rapper until Eminem returned with his song Godzilla. In this song, Eminem raps at 229 words in 30 seconds or 7.6 words per second. This record keeps them at an epic tie for now.

The Collaboration

Both Eminem and Logic joined hands to make a monstrous track titled Homicide. It also features comedian Chris D’Elia who had made an impression video of his idol, Eminem. While D’Elia has done his best to try to imitate Eminem in the track, the two masters haven’t held anything back at all.

They perform on this lightning-fast track like they have been training their lives for this moment. It almost seems as if they’ve both had a gallon of Red Bull and came ready to breathe fire with their lyrics.

The track makes it clear that Logic doesn’t want to lose against Eminem, and at the same time, Eminem can’t let a younger rapper outperform him. Homicide is an incredible track that shows what happens when two legends conduct a friendly duel.

For now, it seems, neither artist will let the other on top. They both hold a record of 7.6 words per second, which is itself an incredible feat. We can’t wait to see who will end up breaking the record soon. Who do you support in this race of lyrics, Logic or Eminem?