Does Ariana Grande smoke?

Does Ariana Grande Actually Smoke?

Ariana Grande is an American singer and actress who became famous thanks to her work on Nickelodeon. She has also grown as a singer with several hits on the Billboard Charts.

After seeing some of Ariana’s photos, fans have been wondering if she smokes or not. The conclusive answer is that Ariana Grande does not smoke, and she cares a lot about her vocal health and beauty.

Ariana and Her Voice

Ariana Grande has one of the unique voices among singers in the modern music industry. She can sing relatively high and is often called the next Mariah Carrey. Ariana has often taken extraordinary steps to maintain this fantastic voice to ensure her voice stays in perfect form before each show.

She uses several vocal exercises and also a vocal steamer to help clear her voice box. In addition, she uses ad-libs such as yuh, ah, and baby to give her voice a break during concerts.

Moreover, Ariana also practices snippets of her songs backstage, and she posts several of these on Instagram. She is a very concerned person regarding her voice and isn’t likely to take up smoking when she knows the disastrous effects on her voice.

How the Smoking Rumors Began

In 2018, a fan posted an image of Ariana on Twitter with the caption, “she -, I don’t want it to mess with her vocals or anything”. The image of Ariana had something white near her fingers, which was thought of to be a cigarette. Ariana replied to the tweet, saying, “my nails are white, RELAX I DON’T SMOKE”.

These speculations about Ariana smoking were on their brim in 2019, as most fans believed her claim, and some still doubted her. So Ariana addressed this quarrel by posting a picture of her Halloween costume on Instagram.

The picture showed Ariana with heavy prosthetic makeup with a flat and upturned nose, a downturned mouth, ribbed cheeks, and she had a cigarette in her hand. Unfortunately, this image was just the fuel that the fire of these smoking rumors needed, and they started to spread once again.

Ariana’s Halloween costume inspiration came from the episode “Eye of the Beholder” of The Twilight Zone, in which the main character tries to look like everyone else. At the same time, she looked beautiful by our standards. The episode has a powerful message about beauty, and it seems that when Ariana wanted to deliver that message, it fell on deaf ears.

Why She Doesn’t Smoke

Ariana works incredibly hard to maintain her vocal range. Apart from the said training mentioned above, she also gives her voice a proper daily workout. Therefore, it is improbable she would take up an activity like smoking and counter all her training.

The cigarette she had in her hand in the picture was most likely a prop just to get into character. Ariana has also claimed that she does not smoke in the past, and it seems very unlikely that she would start doing it only a year later.